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Soulful…Heartfelt… Sultry… Thought provoking… Meaningful The Musical Heart of Jennifer Lang


Music comes in many forms, styles, and messages. And, while many of those messages deal with elements of love, loss, relationships, and more, they’re not always songs that leave listeners with a sense of hope and understanding. Rising artist Jennifer Lang is out to change that, offering up a refreshing perspective that says, “You’re worth more and can be better, so dream bigger and shoot for the stars!” Fueled by life experience, Lang yearns to tell others about the importance of love, helping them to understand that it’s not as much about emotion as it is about sacrifice and forgiveness.


That element of sacrifice is one that Lang knows all too well, drawing inspiration from her current experiences. Having begun her musical journey in Pine Bluff, AR, with her first public singing performance at the age of eight, Lang honed her talents through performing in church and high school choir as well as playing in the band which led her to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff where she graduated with a degree in Political Science.


And while Lang’s musical ambitions were building, she was faced with a difficult decision.


“This is my truth,” she shares. “It’s not glamorous but, for the last eight years, I’ve devoted myself to being caregiver for my mom and while it hasn’t been easy, I have managed to hold onto my hopes and dreams through faith. So little by little, I’m making my way back to music.”


That story of sacrifice and giving colors Lang’s work and aids her in telling her stories in song, allowing her a greater capacity for delivering her message. Lang lives and breathes the messages she sings, further showing her heart for others through her partnership with Heifer International, a global non-profit organization that seeks to end hunger and poverty in a sustainable fashion, where 50% of her online sales at her website,, are donated to charity.


But Lang is on her journey back to reclaim her musical dreams, taking her unique sound that blends old school Motown vibes together with jazz-tinged Middle Eastern twists and turns, to the masses. Lang weaves a compelling tapestry of sound together, all hinged greatly upon the artist’s smooth and sultry vocals that have found her oftentimes compared to Jill Scott, Tony Braxton, and the like. Add in a solid set of tracks that center around the artist’s notions of being a romantic at heart, building with soulful tales of failing, finding forgiveness, and ultimately finding happiness through it all, and you’re working with a stacked deck.


Now based in Manhattan, the artist has released, 3 O’clock Saturday, an album that has garnered solid acclaim, and is set to release, her remix single "Hi Jama Electro Funk Mix" to radio the first week of September, 2013  


Here’s what reviewer TD Oscar had to say:


“Her voice conveys sensuality, romance, and the heartache of a breakup, which is something that we haven’t seen since Toni Braxton hit the scene. There are moments during this 14-song disc where Lang brings to mind Sade’s Quiet Storm soul vibe….With 3 O’clock Saturday, Jennifer Lang has created a batch of fine listening music.” – TD Oscar

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