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In this webinar, Jennifer Lang explains mortgage protection insurance and how to run your own quote and apply without an agent.


If you would like help from a professional who can guide you, Jennifer Lang can assist you. Connect directly with a financial professional. You can request a personal strategy session to discuss your needs and goals. Log onto:

Do You Have the Right Mortgage Protection Insurance?

We make it both fun and easy for people to enrich their knowledge about protecting and building wealth. Follow the video podcast online. Click here.....

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“Thank you for the webinar. You made buying life insurance simple and easy.  I just got my approval notification. I've got some family members that could really  benefit from this knowledge. They need to be on these webinars as soon as possible. Thanks again.”

“I've been looking into IULs for retirement for a while now. I liked your webinar and ran a quote on my own. The policy with John Hancock is excellent. Well done.”

 - Stan Rosenberg - 

“I just bought my first house and I needed this webinar. Thanks for explaining mortgage protection in a way that everybody can understand. I appreciate your strategies and my monthly rate is low enough for me to afford. I want to keep the policy so I can enroll my child in the scholarship program. This is absolutely wonderful. Thank you.”

 - Gary Lewis - 

 - Emma Gray - 

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