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2nd Edition
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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense


Book Trailer Synopsis - Book Trailer Synopsis

In this political thriller, Kelly Anderson, an investigative reporter, who after the death of her aunt to cancer, discovers that the American people have been used as guinea pigs for years and wages war against a biotech company and US government plot to hold them accountable.





                  FIVE STARS!



Confused about GMO foods? You won't be after you read "The Whistle-Blower's Confession. It's like The Pelican Brief meets Silkwood

with a GMO twist."



Cancer is now the #1 killer of children under 15...

The Whistle-Blower's Confession tackles the dangerous effects of GMOs on your health in an entertaining and eye opening way. A must read.


Coming soon!

The Whistle-Blower's Confession 2nd Edition - Unleashed.


"This book is incredible and so raw and engaging I could not stop reading it." See More...



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Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses glyphosate and how it disrupts your cholesterol metabolism, how it disrupts hormones, how it disrupts your liver's ability to detox your body, how it disrupts good gut bacteria, and causes so many health conditions including autism, dementia, ALS and so many more. She also will discuss some natural ways you can detox your body.

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Author Jennifer Lang discusses her new book,

The Whistle-Blower's Confession and the health risks of GMO foods.

Radio Interview - THE AUTHORS SHOW INTERVIEW with Author Jennifer Lang - Hosted by Don McCauley

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