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Author and Independent Recording Artist Jennifer Lang
The Whistle-Blower's Confession: Fierce Political Thriller, Exposes Deathly Rampant Use of 'Secret' GMOs in Food - See more at:
What Is a GMO?

Your health may depend on knowing the whole story.

You may have heard of GMO’s, most people don’t fully understand them, nor the impact across the globe.

Are GMO's Causing an Increase in Food Allergies?


Food allergies are tricky issues. And today as the educated consumer is learning more about GMOs (Genetically modified Organisms) in our food, and that they might cause allergies, now is becoming a prime concern of consumers.


Are GMOs Making Americans Fat? 


Among all developed countries, Americans are the fattest people in the world. The World Health Organization found over 60% of the American population is obese or overweight. Even more disturbing, the U.S. is the only country in the developed world to label obesity a national security health risk.

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The Whistle-Blower's Confession by Jennifer Lang

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