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Why You Have To Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

GMO foods are everywhere and the concern regarding their safety and health are becoming hot topics. There is no doubt that genetically modified foods are not good for your health as GMO foods are becoming the source of many health hazards. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has declared that gmo foods are not healthy or safe for human consumption and are known to give rise to many health concerns.

There are many instances that show eating organic food alone is better for your overall health and well being vs. the consumption of genetically modified foods. There are many known health hazards of GMOs and they include

  • Infertility

  • Accelerated ageing

  • Immune Problems

  • Malfunctioning of the gastro intestinal system

  • Faulty insulin regulation

  • Cancerous growth

  • Undesired changes in major organs of the body

  • Serious forms of allergy etc

So, it is a serious concern for all those who are forced to eat these potentially dangerous GMO foods and consumers must be made aware of these health hazards.

Studies have found that ingesting gmos, causes food allergies leading to unpredictable and very hard to detect adverse side effects. Due to the presence and consumption of these lethal toxins over extended periods of time, there has been a subsequent rise in new diseases and many nutritional related problems.

Additional studies conducted have shown lesions in internal organs, heavy alterations in the liver, pancreatic cells modifying natural functions, and heavy interference in enzyme systems.

Therefore we must conclude that avoiding gmo foods is safer for our overall health and if we want to stay healthy and live longer lives, it is paramount that we be vigilant over what we are eating.

A major point of concern, is that there is no systematic safety evaluation procedure before GMO foods are certified fit for human consumption. The system of approving genetically modified foods for human use pails in comparison to the measures that have been put in place for certifying drugs.

The fact that genetic materials have been introduced into the food supply with the capability to stay in our intestines for a long period of time, demonstrates a more dangerous threat to our health; as these unknown genetic particals may lead to conditions that can give rise to unknown diseases that may even assist in the growth of potentially dangerous microbes inside our body that are resistant to all known types of anti-biotics and other life saving drugs.

Apart from all these facts, the most horrifying effect of genetically engineered foods is that they are the primary cause of many forms of cancer and hence avoiding GMO foods is of utmost necessity. The World Health Organization has declared that one of the most used GMO chemical herbicides, glyphosate, is “probably carcinogenic”. But the real difficulty arises in the absence of any strict procedure for marking and labelling of our daily food items with a GMO presence.

In the absence of such regulations, the general public is at greater risk of eating potentially dangerous genetically modified foods without even knowing. Subsequently, this results in consumers not being able to hold food manufactures accountable for any health concerns that arise after consuming GMO foods

Under these circumstances, it becomes necessary for the general public to be aware of the dangerous effects of genetically engineered foods and be informed consumers at purchase. It is not an easy task, but we must take more precautions in our selections in order to avoid the presence of gmo contamination.

Until the wishes, petitions and voices of the people are heard and respected in regards to the elimination of GMOs in our food, our best recourse is eating organic. The fight for our lives and the lives of our children is at hand.

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